BuDDys Partnership with EuropCar SA

BuDDys Partnership with EuropCar SA

logo_europcarIt gives us great pleasure to announce our partnership with South Africa’s leading car rental company, Europcar SA.

As a buDDys member it’s clear you’re committed to making responsible decisions and our partnership with Europcar SA means you can know also enjoy the buDDys service when you’re using a hired car through Europcar.

The Car Rental Industry has traditionally required that any additional driver be nominated and specified (usually at an additional cost) in the rental agreement. Through our innovative partnership with Europcar SA our members have a hassle free option when using a hired car from Europcar.

So what does this mean for our members?

  • When renting a vehicle from Europcar you do not need to nominate buDDys as an alternate driver. Europcar automatically accepts buDDys as an alternative driver.
  • There will be no additional or alternate driver fees applicable for buDDys drivers.
  • Europcar will honour your waiver options in the case of an accident with a buDDys driver behind the wheel.

So what do I need to do?

  • Simply book your car hire through Europcar (no need to do anything else, our agreement with them automatically applies)
  • Book a buDDy when you need one
  • Have a good time knowing that buDDys & Europcar will get you home safely!

So the next time you are travelling for work or pleasure, be sure to book your car hire through Europcar SA.

Click here to visit the Europcar SA website and make your booking.