About Us

Drinking & Driving?  You’re a Bloody Idiot!

The odds are stacked against you if you take a chance behind the wheel. Road accidents kill over 18,000 South Africans each year and alcohol is involved in over 60% of those accidents! If the statistics aren’t enough to scare you, a night in jail and a criminal record are equally unappealing.

What We’re About

Drinking and driving should never be an option, period. We want to make it easy to do the right thing.

We offer a safe, convenient and reliable alternative that gets you home safely. We offer our members a designated driver service that provides you with a chauffeur when you need one to get you and your car home safely.  We give you the peace of mind that you’ve always got a buDDy on standby.

So whether you’re planning a big celebration or a quiet drink turns into something more rowdy, you’ve always got an alternative to getting behind the wheel when you really shouldn’t. Just let your buDDy drive you home.

BuDDys Partnership With Europcar SA

It gives us great pleasure to announce our partnership with South Africa’s leading car rental company, Europcar SA.

As a buDDys member it’s clear you’re committed to making responsible decisions and our partnership with Europcar SA means you can know also enjoy the buDDys service when you’re using a hired car through Europcar… read more

BuDDys Supports QASA

qasa_logo_1BuDDys is very proud to announce its association with QASA – the QuadPara Association of South Africa. The QASA team work tirelessly to promote and protect the interests of people with mobility impairments.

They not only strive to improve the quality of life for quadriplegics and paraplegics in South Africa, but also have a number of awareness and preventative campaigns in place that are designed to ensure their membership base does not grow. It’s something that’s very close to our hearts as all too often their new members are often sadly victims of road accidents.

We are very excited to be associated with the QASA brand and have launched a number of exciting initiatives in which we’ll be raising funds to support their various campaigns.

We’re extremely proud to be associated with a dynamic and motivated team that does so much to help improve the lives of people living with mobility impairments.

Visit the QASA website.